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Project development

From design through completion, project development is a complex convergence of interested parties, logistics, regulatory framework, and complex, interlocking contractual structures. With a lawyer that knows how to navigate every stage of the development process, the developer's interests will be kept in mind beyond merely getting approvals efficiently.

Whether you are a project manager, investor or have another interest in a project’s development, our team of specialized lawyers and professionals work closely with you on the full range of issues you face through the development process, including planning, securing the site and permits, financing and documentation.

Lackner's in-depth knowledge of your industry’s sector allows us to develop, negotiate and draft inspired solutions tailored to your needs and will help identify critical milestones and potential risks at the projects early stages.

Drawing on considerable experience in various sectors such as energy, natural resources, waste, real estate and mixed-use development, Raimund Lackner and his team of professionals see your industry as you do. Our team supports every step of your project, collaborating with other parties and stakeholders—installers, designers, technical advisors, local communities and others—on the path to successful results.