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Green Investment

Renewable energy is the power source of the future and the investment opportunity of today. We aim to be at the forefront of bringing about energy change towards sustainable energy production based on renewable energy, energy security and decarbonisation throughout Europe and the world.

We are passionate about the potential of renewable energy. Wide-spread adoption and improving economics continue to fuel the growth of this market as countries increasingly look to renewable energy to tackle problems as diverse as environmental sustainability, rural development, energy security and committed decarbonisation.

Political commitment, legal and economic regulations provide the framework for attractive and stable returns from green investments. We are actively involved in wind energy, solar, photovoltaic, hydropower, biogas and biomass projects in Austria, CEE, frontier markets and overseas contribute to solve the challenges faced by the industry.

Through our experience in this field, we know that green financing provides an exceptional investment possibility and are dedicated to make your investments successful low-risk, long-term ones.